MMG - CB – Morning Man Greens

UFC Undefeated
Middleweight Champion
Frank “The Legend” Shamrock’s
SHOCKING Disclosure…

How I FINALLY figured out why my body was not performing...
PLUS why I felt sluggish and exhausted all the time…

For Men Over 37 Who Know That Something Isn’t Right… Keep Reading To Find Out How I Got My “Mojo” Back Even While Pushing 50… And How You Can Too...

I wasn’t always a champion...

Before I was a titan of the octagon smashing my opponents… I was a victim.

My abusive stepdad Joe would lock me in the closet most days or force me to live in the backyard for weeks at a time for “being bad”.

The truth is… after surviving a living hell of an abusive childhood… and a 3 & ½ year stint in Folsom State prison…

I had a FIRE burning inside me… I refused to settle for what my life was up until that point… I wanted more.

Training day and night to become the best. To make something for myself and my family… to be the man I knew I could be.

I wanted to be a champion for the rest of my life… no matter what.

So I trained and I started to win… then I kept winning...

No matter
how many fights I won.

No matter
how many belts I claimed.

No matter
how famous I became.

I knew I had to keep taking care of my body like I was the champ.

The moment I let that slip… I knew I’d be done for as a man.

Now… if you’re the kind of man who’s NEVER going to throw in the towel...

Then keep reading and I’ll show you how I’ve continued to be a warrior YEARS after retirement and how I plan on THRIVING like a champion until I'm 100 years old…

And how you can too… by keeping the beer gut off, continuing to build muscle mass, and having the energy you need to be the man you want to be.

Here’s a photo of me in “my prime”…

I thought I’d stay like that forever, for a while anyway... After all, I was basically invincible back then…

But the older I got… the more injuries I suffered and the harder I had to work to stay on top of my game.

Like a lot of men, I kept chasing my former self… who I used to be…

It’s up to you to stay healthy and in fighting shape the older you get…

Today, right now. This is your chance to fight for your manhood, the RIGHT WAY…

By making one simple change to your morning. By becoming a Morning Man.

This is something I know ANY man can do…

Not just professional fighters or athletes (trust me)…

And this single tweak has already helped thousands of men like yourself change who they are as men… and how they feel each day.

WITHOUT loading up on enhancers, drastically changing their workout programs, diets, or desperately chasing who they used to be…

This is the key to getting back to FEELING more like yourself instead of just trying to prevent the inevitable effects of aging. Just take me for example...

I started having energy like I did in my 30’s WITHOUT chugging 7 cups of coffee each morning, mental clarity like I hadn’t in years, and even kissed sluggish days goodbye …

Because I had that pep in my step… I was able to consistently hit the gym and actually eat healthy the way my body needed me to…

Instead of just “giving in” to my cravings and getting junk food.

This one simple change I made has NOTHING to do with diet, exercise, or using "enhancers"...

Let’s face it, there was NO WAY I was going to eat or train like I did in my 20’s… at 48 and as a family man… that just isn’t realistic.

But thankfully I didn’t have to because I was able to rewind the clock and feel like I did years ago… plus maintain my workouts to KEEP the body I had in my early 30’s.

Now I’m on a mission to share this secret with hard working American men like yourself who don’t want to feel like you’re breaking down as you get older…

Even if you’re in your 40s... 50s…or 60s…

No man deserves to feel weak, pathetic, or NOT like himself.

This simple morning shift can radically alter your physical performance…

PLUS revolutionize how you approach each and every day.

If you’re starting to feel yourself slowing down as you get older…

Not feeling quite like yourself lately…

Have low energy and are struggling to get through the day…

Then I have something for you that’s helped me keep FEELING like a champion even as I approach 50.

Now you’ve probably tried a lot of different solutions to “reclaim your manhood” over the past few years…
to push back against the tide of aging.

Maybe you’ve

  • Joined a
    new gym
  • Mixed up your
    supplement routine
  • Cut back on
  • Quit
    red meat
  • Stopped smoking
    or drinking…

But it STILL seems like no matter what you’re trying… things aren’t getting better.

Most men think it’s “normal” to fall apart as they age. They resign themselves to it. I won’t. I don’t think you should either…

That’s why I developed this manly way for you to conquer middle age...

This simple 60 second Morning Man ritual is THE BEST possible way for you to reclaim your manly days...

Now… if you’re the kind of guy who wants to just “give in” to getting older… or you’re O.K. with taking it slow because you “have to”...

You don’t need to keep reading. What I’m about to reveal isn’t for you.

This Morning Man ritual is something I do regardless of what diet I’m on at the time.

Carnivore, Paleo, Keto, Raw foods, High-fat... doesn’t matter for me or you.

  • You can rapidly increase your energy levels… WITHOUT doing some ridiculous morning routine or living on a crazy diet.
  • You can burn away those tricky flabs while preserving all your hard-earned strength…
  • You don’t have to slave away in the gym pounding weights, desperately trying to chase some fake 20 something body image... while slowly feeling like a shell of a man.

Now, I’m a straight shooter. Dad bod is real my friend… but you don’t have to give in.

In your 40’s and 50’s is when dad bod is usually the worst… which sucks because…

Your manhood is being compromised.

Most guys in their 40’s have more or less the same story as mine…

I was neglecting my body and had more weight on me than when I was in my 20’s… and a hell of a lot less energy.

And just a few years ago, I felt the first signs of fatigue setting in…

Getting up in the morning was harder and doing “normal” stuff around the house seemed too difficult.

I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Not even my hobbies or hitting the gym.

I felt burned out. Like I was constantly running on empty.

Now most guys just throw in the towel when they start to feel this fatigue…

They just assume that this is how life goes… even though it’s not their fault (or yours).

Are you one of them?

I don’t know about you, but I REFUSED to give in…

But you don’t have to be a world champion to FIGHT for your manhood.

I knew there had to be a way I could have consistent manly energy throughout the day… WITHOUT chugging coffee or energy drinks…

AND give my body the nutrients I needed to stop myself from eating sh*t that’s terrible for me, so I wouldn’t end up with the dreaded dad bod.

You can’t keep pouring the wrong fuel into your tank and expect your body to perform the way it’s supposed to.

Trust me. I’m a world champ… I know what it means to do “everything right” for your body.

I CRUSHED every workout program. Every diet. Took all the f*cking vitamins my trainers told me to…

I know what it means to be strong, lean, and feel healthy AF.

You have to fuel up the right way… without taking shortcuts and frying your system…

But for guys over 40, that’s harder and harder to do.

Why? Because you can’t work out as long as you used to in your 20’s… you don’t have the energy to crush weights at the gym like you used to...

As I got older… I started to notice that I was following in the footsteps of so many other older guys who were just trying to feel like they’re on top of the world again…

And even though I started hitting weights really f*cking hard, taking vitamins, eating healthy, doing “self care”... I STILL felt weak and sickly…

I don’t want to just live… I want to THRIVE until I’m 100 years old.

The bottom line is I started putting THE RIGHT nutrients into my body…

I started manning up and focusing on what I was putting into my body…

I started to feel like I used to in my 20’s.

The best part was my body wasn’t weak. I knew I could perform in the blink of an eye.

Rather than feeling tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I got or caffeine I drank.That was my lightbulb moment.

I knew I had to combine the type of nutrients my mom would want me to get from veggies growing up… with other energy boosting ingredients.

I had to create a champion grade all-in-one solution for my problem.

So what did I do? I leveraged my celebrity status and connections.

I made the smart move and found the experts...

The best of the best ingredient formulators, nutritionists, and manufacturers on the market to partner with.

It’s their expertise that helped me completely reshape my body through daily nutrition… and now I’m helping other men just like you do the same.

I knew I had to take this nutritional stuff really seriously and create a solution for myself.

A solution that really worked WITHOUT fillers or any garbage that other brands use because they’re cheap *ssholes.

Can you commit to an extra 30 seconds each morning to get your body back on track?

A ritual that doesn’t require weird B.S. exercises… changing up your diet… or forces you to swallow tops of sketchy pills every day?

If you just said “YES” in your head to those simple questions… keep reading.

I’m going to share exactly what these experts told me, and exactly what I added to my daily routine to get better results than I’ve ever gotten.

Let’s be real…
you’re going to keep breaking down…

You don’t age backwards. Your body won’t magically repair itself and you won’t become more youthful every day...

BUT you can reclaim your manhood by NOT turning into a victim of aging.

Keep yourself in your prime longer and THRIVE by fueling your body up with all the key nutrients you need to live like a champ like me until you’re 100.

I don’t care if you’re 30, 40, 50, or even in your 60’s.

Every man faces the inevitable. A YES or NO decision has to be made at some point.

You have to either say YES to your health...

Commit to keeping your body in shape and fueling yourself up with premium grade nutrients so you can perform like a man… Just like you would fill up an expensive car with premium gas…

OR give up. Give in.

Throw in the towel and resign yourself to a docile, passive lifestyle.

Don’t be surprised when you can’t sleep for sh*t or STILL feel sluggish throughout the day… because you continue to chug coffee or “energy drinks” every day.(6)

Now… if you’re like me, you probably didn’t pay a ton of attention in biology class.

I could write out 10+ pages digging into the science and explaining how this all works…

But I’m not going to try to explain exactly why EVERY SINGLE organ and system in your body NEEDS the right kind of nutrient fuel.

Some of these daily nutrients need to be turned into chemicals your body needs for you to function at champion levels… so just eat your damn veggies.

Here’s the reality… The older you get… the faster you start storing extra fat and BAM!

Before you know it… you barely recognize yourself in the mirror.

That’s why getting the nutrients you need so you can hit the ym is so crucial.

Let’s be honest with each other… if you went out and tried to solve this nutritional deficiency and low energy problem on your own…

It’d be REALLY expensive. Yeah, you could go out and get a bunch of ingredients from a health store and pay top dollar. But you’re not gonna do that are you?

I can do something most people can’t. I can use my celebrity status, connections, and my money to buy the best ingredients in the world at a huge discount.

If I buy all the 75+ ingredients in my formula, that I’m about to tell you about and ensure the most premium quality...

Then I can have MY TEAM, Team
Morning Man test them, and evaluate them to make sure they're the best in the world.

No half measures. No B.S.

I took the last few years to create THE PERFECT solution for guys like us…

Men who want to live life on our terms instead of sitting on the sidelines in our own lives for the rest of our lives…

Forget bitter coffee, sugary energy drinks, crack like energy shots, crash inducing caffeine pills or any other stimulant:

Say Hello TO

THE most refreshing super-nutrient drink gives you energy throughout the day, while giving you 75+ vitamins, minerals, AND superfood nutrients so you feel like the man you’re supposed to be and ACT like a champion...

How does Morning Man
work exactly?

The magic is in the blend.

No single ingredient will help you achieve the results you want to see, it’s all about the combination in the RIGHT doses…

That’s why I took my proprietary blend of high purity herbs and combined it with other organic, all natural ingredients… 75+ of them because I don’t screw around...

To help you get that pep back in your step AND feel younger without experiencing all the old man side effects… PLUS make you energetic as all hell.

I could tell you that I came up with some really unique proprietary process that makes my blend the best.

Or I could say I’m activating parts of your Parasympathetic Nervous System by flipping some switches in your body or triggering your body's adaptive energy receptors…(5)

... so you get what you get the energy & focus you need to perform at the highest level.

That’s all hard to understand mostly marketing B.S. that other less manly, less authentic brands push on guys like you to get you to buy their sh*t.

I won’t do that. I don’t need to try to pull the wool over your eyes.

You’re not a dumb. You’ve known since you were little that you should eat your damn vegetables and not eat sugary crap.

But guess what… it’s not easy to get all your servings of all the “good for you” stuff you’re supposed to be eating.

Let’s be real… are you going to juice every day AND eat super healthy and clean ALL THE TIME? Yeah right…

Here’s the deal. The synergistic ingredients in Morning Man will give you unrivaled energy plus manly nutrition WITHOUT the jitters and without the crash.

It's an entire supplement "stack" in a single pouch.

Now… other “greens” brands on the market that you’ve probably seen will try to convince you they're the best…

Most of the time you’ll only find 20-30 ingredients in their blends… plus you’ll probably find a whole bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce.

Not with
Morning Man.We don’t half*ss anything.

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  • $224.90

We believe in transparent ingredients that anybody can read and understand.

We also don’t need to rely on some made up activating acronyms and fake bro marketer science to sell you champion quality daily greens or energy products.

With us, what you see is what you get...

Premium Super Nutrients & Explosive Energy Ingredients…
Say Goodbye To
B.S. Pills...

… This is the manliest and best tasting healthy “energy solution” you’re going to find. Period.

My non-negotiable champion rules for creating the BEST supernutrient blend in the world…

  • It MUST produce noticeable results -- so you can see it working in the mirror
  • It MUST taste amazing -- delicious and flavorful you look forward to drinking it
  • It MUST be convenient & time-efficient -- so easy it takes less than 30 seconds, and you never go anywhere without it
  • It MUST be effective -- so you don’t have to go elsewhere for other superfoods.
  • It MUST be high-quality -- it’s your best choice of quality ingredients
  • It MUST be affordable -- so reasonable it’s less expensive, easier, and faster than the real food alternative
  • It MUST combat old age inducing inflammation -- proactive against the common cause of localized joint pain and obesity-related diseases.

Here’s what powers this life-changing blend:

Proprietary Raw
Superfood Blend

Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa powder, Organic, Barley Leaf Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Juice powder, Green Tea extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Organic Chlorella Powder, Inulin, Acerola Fruit Juice Powder extract, Apple Powder, Broccoli Flower Powder, Mango Fruit Powder, Pineapple Fruit Concentrate, Bilberry Fruit extract, Beet Root Powder, Carrot Root Powder , Spinach Leaf Powder, Cocoa Bean polyphenol extract, Grape Seed Extract, Licorice root powder, Lycium berry fruit extract, Ginger rhizome powder, Slippery Elm bark powder, Kelp whole plant powder, Blueberry Juice Powder.

Herbs, Extracts, and Mushroom Complex

Pea Protein Isolate, Citrus bioflavonoids extract, Artichoke leaf extract, Citric acid, Rhodiola root dry extract, Eleuthero root extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Milk thistle seed extract, Ashwagandha root extract, Holy Basil Leaf Extract, Hawthorn berry extract, Reishi mushroom powder, Shiitake mushroom powder, Monk Fruit Extract.

Digestive Enzyme, Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend

Psyllium husk powder, Bromelain Burdock root powder, Lactobacillus plantarum.

75+ Supernutrients &
95MG Of Caffeine

Now… that’s A TON of ingredients… because we don’t half*ss anything!

Instead of listing out EXACTLY what each of those will do for you and have you reading through 10+ pages of ingredients for the next 30 minutes of your life…

Here’s the long and short of it...

Our formula works and we only use the highest grade ingredients available on the market to give you the results you want.

Why? Because we know that men like yourself demand the best.

This ISN’T Some B.S. Celebrity Endorsement Deal… I Don’t Need The Cash… I FULLY Stand Behind Morning Man And EVERY Single Ingredient We Use...

Here’s what manly men like you are saying about Morning Man:

19 days ago

Stephen Webb wrote a review about 3 Bags of Morning Man

Good Energy and nutrients!

I've tried their product morning man greens and I have to say that it is a very tasty drink, especially in almond milk. The only negative thing is that they sent me bags that had holes in the bottom of the packaging and they responded quickly and sent me out replacements to correct the issue. Very good product. Give it a try!

13 days ago

Joe Mruk wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Love it!

Great way to start the day with good solid nutrition. Noticed feeling better overall and more alert in the first week. Will continue to purchase and use.

22 days ago

Tiffany Ramsey wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Happy Husband!

I ordered this for my husband who works night shift at a Brewery and needed the wholesome ingredients in this but also didn't want some frufru protein shake in a cute shaker!! Thanks for keeping my Hubby Manly and around for many more years!!!

28 days ago

Bradshaw wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man


Love that it doesn't give me the jitters and it keeps me motivated. The taste isnt bad either. Overall, my husband and I love it.

30 days ago

Cody Halv wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Love the product

I love morning man greens. It’s what I start my day with. Delicious! Easy to drink!

1 month ago

Shane wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Fantastic Product

I have been drinking energy drinks every day for as long as I can remember now. Anytime I don't have one I get massive caffeine headaches and I feel like crap, But at the same time after I drink 1 A few hours later I feel like crap. Since I've started taking morning greens I feel fantastic with no crash.

2 months ago

Cody Halv wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man


The flavor is great. Nice boost. Feels good to feel good!

2 months ago

Luke Kroger wrote a review about 3 Bags of Morning Man

It really works

I don’t feel anywhere near as good as I do after having a serving of this stuff in the morning! I’ve had amazing energy and regulates me throughout the day!

2 months ago

Crocker B wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man Monthly

This is the shiznit

I have made Morning Man part of my "time to git shiz dun day" ritual. My 2 employees can’t keep up. Trying to get them on it. One is a young lady but don’t want her to have a bigger beard than me. I’ll go to the Green Gods for direction!

2 months ago

Joe Burns wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man


I'm on day 3. So far so good! Ready to kick Mondays ass! Bring it workweek!

2 months ago

Wally wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man


10 stars!

2 months ago

JD Kilgore wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

This stuff is great.

Good boost of energy. Will be reordering soon.

2 months ago

Kristopher Pickett wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

100% worth it!

I’m about a week in an I have completely replaced coffee. Taste is good and plenty of energy. Will buy again and again.

2 months ago

Douglas Holl wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Rockin energy!

This stuff may look like rabbit food but damn it's tasty! Gives me some smooth energy with no shakes and helps with the appetite! Bought two bags and will be buying more!

2 months ago

Robert Moore wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

What a difference!

Half water, half apple juice, mix it up and I’m on my way. Plenty of energy to start my day and an overall feeling of wellness all day . Love it

2 months ago

Ben wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

The green boom

The taste is amazing and the clean energy I feel like a tesla....

2 months ago

Kurt Gantt wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Got the Good Green Stuff

I’ve been taking it for about a week. Not bad at all. I do feel good after drinking it. No rushing to the toilet. Adds to my greatness.

2 months ago

Mark Ratliff wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Love this product!

Love this product!! Definitely what I've been looking for

2 months ago

B.Smith wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Not what I expected...

So much better than I even imagined. I actually look forward to a drink every morning. Silky smooth. Great taste. MMG is a product in its own class. Nothing else quite like it, and customer service is top notch.

2 months ago

Kurt Gantt wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Black Kurt Approved

Tastes decent to me.I purchased the mason jar with just one bag. Makes me feel good before the shift. I won’t say it gives me an incredibly amount of energy but I feel decent. Not bad at all.

Morning Man ISN’T some disgusting chalk-tasting drink or a horse-pill sized capsule you struggle to choke down everyday while hating yourself.

Each and every delicious and nutritious sip contains high-quality nutrients, herbs and elements that allow you to naturally energize your body so you can get back to doing all the man sh*t you want to be doing.

You can experience energy and youthfulness like never before PLUS supercharge your system… So you feel your best every single day and stay in shape.

It tastes great and it mixes almost instantly.

  • Scoop
  • Mix
  • Drink

Simply add into water to:

  • OWN that smooth surge of energy to make you effective and decisive throughout your entire day

  • KNOCK OUT harmful toxins slowing your metabolism to a screeching halt — leaving you tired, sluggish, and worn out.

  • JUMP-START your metabolism and re-energize your body naturally.

MANLY benefits in under 30 seconds per day for less than your daily terrible for you cup of Starbucks coffee…

Starbucks Coffee



For 3 Month Supply

Morning Man's unique blend of superfood ingredients makes it the first (and only) product of its kind.

You’re NOT going to find this at your local grocery store.

Buddy, you’re only gonna get
Morning Man right here, on this page.

Every pouch of the supernutrient blend will flood your body with essential nutrients it needs to transform your health from the inside out.

Giving you an all-natural spike in energy and a massive dose of vital nutrients… The best part is taking Morning Man doesn’t mean you have to change your daily habits.

You don’t have to switch up your diet, spend 4+ hours in the gym or anything like that.

DO NOT make the stupid mistake of comparing this to ANY “super nutrient blend” you’ve seen or tried before...

To start, this champion’s all-natural solution takes less than 60 seconds to help you feel like a totally new person.

It’s manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA compliant facility right here in the United States. Meaning each supply of Morning Man is made safely and to the highest quality standards.

GMP means Good Manufacturing Processes. Only facilities with the absolute maximum hygiene, precision and track record are approved for this certificate.

Our formula is natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan friendly. Not that I expect many vegans are ready to become a Morning Man.

Morning man is a blend of natural herbs intentionally and meticulously designed to support a healthy and highly manly lifestyle.

On this page and today only... you get the premium Morning Man superfood nutrients your body has been craving, the best your cold hard cash can buy…

Natural, Organic, Vegan, Soy-Free & Gluten-Free? Yeah all that good sh*t and a whole lot more...

You’ll FEEL like an absolute champion… ready to hit the gym, tell your boss to F off, or just make the day your b*tch.

Raw energy pumping through your veins… giving you the POWER of a true champion...

By now you’ve got to be wondering how can you get your own supply of this super manly super nutrient...

If you’re reading this we still have enough Morning Man in stock.

The bad news is, we only have a limited number of supplies available…

… due to recent events and supply line issues.

Now, this isn’t a marketing gimmick or a ploy. It’s the truth. Remember,
Morning Man isn’t made in any regular old facility.

It’s a truly unique formula that our special GMP certified (and FDA approved) facility produces.

So we don’t have massive warehouses FILLED with Morning Man... And there’s a very REAL chance we run out.

This last year and a half has made life harder for basically every manufacturing business, and we’re no different.

That’s why we recommend stocking up while you can...

Real men keep reordering a 3-month supply of Morning Man when we’ve got it...

What does that tell you? We deliver quality so you can be the man you want to be.

They know the difference between an O.K. day with coffee or energy shots… and a totally kick*ass day with
Morning Man.

But real talk my man. Supply chains are STILL CRAZY right now.

Tankers backed up in ports. Transportation workers fed up with long hours and minimal benefits quitting… you name it, the U.S. is dealing with it.

Hate to break it to you… but that isn’t gonna change anytime soon.

This means out of stocks is a very real risk in these uncertain times.

Obviously, this special offer is time-sensitive, and you will not see this offer or this discount again.

It’s like this… Back when this crisis began…

If you went to Costco and they had toilet paper in stock, you got some…

Because you know it might not be there on your next trip.

Right now, your original order is in stock…

And we’re holding it in your name for the next couple minutes.

I sincerely hope you take advantage while it’s still on our shelves.

Remember… The reality is… supply chain issues are REAL.

Do a quick Google search later and you’ll see headlines like these going back for months and months:

Look… the reality is… manufacturing supply lines are only going to get worse in the next 6-12 months as our society recovers from the backlog in the last 18 months.

Worker shortages,precautions and regulations are slowing shipping companies down.

On top of that… we’re still dealing with the effects from the Suez Canal disaster in March.

Freight companies are STILL playing catch up. That caused a domino effect that experts say will affect us well into next year. So why am I telling you this?

I don’t want any man to suffer from the lack of energy and vitality that I suffered from… not if I can help it...

Especially since I have an all-natural alternative that is:

  • FREE of heavily processed caffeine and other habit-forming chemicals.
  • FREE from sugar, gluten, soy, GMO’s.
  • FREE from nasty and harmful side effects that will ruin your day.

When it comes to formulating Morning Man and servicing our clients with the highest quality nutrients available today, my team and I spare no expense.

We pay top dollar to source all of our ingredients organic, vegan, soy and gluten-free, and natural, but keep the price low to make it practical and affordable.

I made Morning Man available at a
rock-bottom price we’ve never made available before...

You can stock up on a 3-month supply of Morning Man today…

For a savings of $90 if you order right now.

I’m not making this special deal available everywhere on the internet… you can only get it right here… right now.

On top of that, when you order a 3-month supply of this natural blend of life altering nutrients, we’re going to give you FREE shipping and handling…

Which is an additional $8.95 value.

The massive discount on the 3-month supply and the free shipping are for a limited time… And they’re ONLY available while supplies last.

You’re Getting
A 12 Month Man-To-Man Money-Back Guarantee… BOOM!

YES! I Want To Start Taking Charge Of My Day By Securing My Supply Of Morning Man Now…


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We only recommend the 1 month supply if you only want to experience the minimal results. Which are still pretty great...

Studies have shown, the longer you take each of the natural superfood ingredients inside Morning Man, the MORE you will benefit.

If you can give Morning Man the time to work wonders for your body you’ll be amazed at what it can do.

The more you take Morning Man, the more manly, clock rewinding, and champion like benefits you can experience...

Here’s what our fans
are saying About Morning Man:

2 months ago

Kevin Riekofsky wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Kick Start

This is more of a chug drink (just do it and get it over with kind). Nonetheless, every morn I put down a serving and head to work. The kick of caff could be a little more! Maybe it’s because I’m used to an energy drink or coffee besides this. I do feel better throughout the First part of the day than when I drink this green-ness! Need to start adding it to my mid day to see if it help finish the work day. Good kick start though!

2 months ago

Mark Miller wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Hulk Green

Been taking morning man greens for almost 2 weeks and it is awesome

2 months ago

MJD wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Tastes grat and I feel great

I love the ingredient list of this product and it tastes great as well. Gives me a slight boost in the morning and it's now part of my morning ritual.

2 months ago

Tyler Grouten wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man


Product tastes good and gives you that sustained boost for hours with no major crash. Definitely going to order more.

2 months ago

Carlo Galassi wrote a review about Manly Moonshine Maker

Amazing product and great customer service!

I purchased a month supply along with the mason jar. Both showed up in a timely manner. The mason jar was cracked and after a short email later they sent out a replacement no questions asked. i started using morning man at elk camp covering more than 10 miles a day on foot up and down mountains with 40 lbs of gear on my back and man does this stuff give you the boost you need to conquer the day!

3 months ago

Cole Moorman wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Great product

Morning Man provides a nutritious blend of vitamins, minerals, and all the good things a man needs to elevate to the level of James Bond, Indiana Jones, Steve McQueen, and Chuck Norris!

3 months ago

Jonathon Freres wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man Monthly

I run trains...

You pervert, not that sort of train… As an employee for an unspecified yellow themed railroad. Any pick me up goes a long way. That and the fact I’m usually not getting my daily veggie intake more or less causes by lack of enthusiasm dealing with the food that my food eats. Then I find you guys. My phone goes off with the sweet sounds of money to be made and I mix up a couple scoops of your powdered awesome and kick the day square in the bean bag! Keep up the fine work gents!

3 months ago

Chad NesSmith wrote a review about Manly Moonshine Maker Mug

The glass jar is cool

I use it every day. Kinda steep in price for a mason jar, but it does have the logo printed and the Morning Man Greens are the bomb, so I ain’t complaining.

3 months ago

Steve D wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

First order

Took a chance on this product and I am shocked at how good it is .. I don’t have not consumed the copious amount of coffee I normally do daily, and cannot say enough good things about the product

3 months ago

Bill Dean wrote a review about 1 Bag Morning Man

Green stuff works awesome

Great energy every time I’ve had it. Can wrestle gators and bears at the same time!

3 months ago

Michael Lenzi wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Powerful Greens

Taste was great! Customer service top notch. I definitely see myself as a subscriber when I run out.

3 months ago

Luke Barry wrote a review about 3 Bags of Morning Man

My go go juice

There is literally no need to drink coffee. I’m feeling the morning man manifesto.

3 months ago

Joseph Audet wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

I love this stuff

I love the taste and am really starting to feel the benefits from this product.

3 months ago

Jacob Lucas wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Best damn greens

This is the best stuff on the market tastes great and is a wonderful healthy addition to any morning. I've successfully "canned" energy drinks or as I called them "tubes of false hope". But don't just take my word for it. Buy this shit!!!!

3 months ago

Joseph Nivens wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Great stuff

Great tasting. Great energy boost without any crash. Actually haven't had coffee in a week! It's my new morning ritual.... and sometimes mid afternoon too!

3 months ago

Otto Tobe wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Great product. Great customer service

I have sustained energy all day long. Eating a little less, needing less sleep, less joint pain when I wake up, and the stomach issues I was having for a long time have gone away. Only down side is it took me a few days to get used to the taste. Not a big fan of the flavor but after a few days I don’t mind it at all.

3 months ago

Brian Leija wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Legal paradise in a bag!

Aww where do I start.. Morning Man is the yayo if I was Scarface .. My little moonshine jar that peels my eyelids open beyond expansion! It has elevated my game that I no longer use the doors on my truck but simply climb out the window like the dukes of hazard boys. I now come onto the jobsite like a rabid fighting rooster sending anybody in my path running home too there mothers in complete aww and fear of my hulk like masculinity! Thk you morning man for your perfectly blended concoction of pure adrenaline causing product. To you I tip my hard hat and say well done gentlemen… well done

3 months ago

David Eddins wrote a review about Day Drinker Sticker

Love this stuff

I used to always drink energy drinks or coffee. The greens are much better, plus healthier. Couldn't be happier

3 months ago

Adrian Brennan wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Awesomeness beyond beleif

I was skeptical to say the lease. 3 days later I am a believer to the max. I drink it in the morning right a away and I dam near want to rip my door off the hinges on the way out. I get a shiver when I get the burst of energy. F----n phenomenal

4 months ago

Andrew Esparza wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Good Stuff!

Awesome results!! Love this stuff!! Great taste, nice caffeine kick and I feel great all day long with NO crash! Goodbye to nasty energy drinks! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

4 months ago

CarpenterTJ wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

I'm a scoop and a half...2 times a Morning Man...

I had a coffee addiction. 8 cups before 10 a.m. for the past 20 years.. The f-ing headaches in the weekends for not drinking that much became unbearable. It's been 2 weeks with Morning Man. And I could never be happier. I feel more focused, driven than I have been in 10 years. I'm telling all my friends. Been busting the Coworkers balls about the garbage energy drinks they are drinking. Energy drinks are GARBAGE and HORRIBLE for you. Reread that as many times as you need to stop drinking that crap. Read all the ingredients in this Morning Man powered. This is what you should be putting in your body. Most advertising on Facebook is a scam... Not these guys.. Fast shipping and a no b*ll sh*t guarantee.. I gave it a try. You can give it a try... The worst that can happen is you go back to coffee or that other cold can of garbage with a Crash... Thanks Morning Man

4 months ago

Newsletter Subscriber wrote a review about Day Drinker Sticker

Love it

Went right on the welding helmet. Could have made the padding around letters little thicker so it wasn’t as hard to stick on. But Best Buy ever! Everyone gets a kick out of it.

4 months ago

Christopher T Scott wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man Monthly

Love this stuff

Can not get enough of these greens a permanent part of my morning routine for sure!

This is a simple no brainer decision and one of the MOST critical investments you can make…

Starting off with a 1-month supply of Morning Man puts you on the path…

A 2-month supply guarantees that you stay on track and keep taking
Morning Man without interruption…

A 3-month supply sets Morning Man customers up for a healthy, happy, great looking (and feeling) body for many years to come…

How does Morning Man stack up against other solutions you may be looking at?

  • NO artificial stimulants (F that!)
  • NO addictive ingredients
    (unlike energy drinks or most pills)
  • NO B.S. fillers or hidden formulas
    (just easy to read ingredients)
  • NO gluten, no GMOs, no soy
    (so every guy can enjoy it)

Morning Man with any other available “energy solution” would be really dumb and would stop your from having the body of a champion...

If you’re thinking, I’ve tried greens drinks, energy boosters and stimulants
before but:

  • They were clumpy and didn’t mix well…
  • They smelled like harmful chemicals…
  • They made me feel sick to my stomach…
  • They left a really bad taste in my mouth…
  • They made me feel weak and shaky…
  • They just drained money from my wallet…

Try Morning Man today...

Morning Man Champion
Level Quality...

We guarantee that every supply of Morning Man includes premium ingredients that are backed by clinical studies proven to work. We guarantee that Morning Man is all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and made with the finest ingredients manufactured right here in the USA… in an FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant facility.

365 Day Man-To-Man Guarantee...

From one man to another, we want to make sure you love your
Morning Man Greens. So we're going to offer you a 365-Day MAN OF OUR WORD Guarantee.

Where in a world where a man's word is bond, we will give you your money back if you want it back. That's our guarantee for 365 days.

If you try it out, hate the taste, don't feel anything, don't like the bag, hate the marketing, or just realize that money is tight and you made a mistake, email us at and we got you.

If we don't honor this, then we're breaking our word (which ain't happening).

So rest assured that whatever reason you want a refund, we'll take good care of you.


Just do us a favor, don't be a douche troll and buy a large quantity knowing that you're going to refund and take advantage of this guarantee. Karma is real and no one likes you.


YES! I Want To Start Taking Charge Of My Energy And Day…


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Training Wheels

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Your family & friends deserve a more energetic, more manly, more bad*ss you…

Your friends and family DESERVE a new you who’s healthier and happy.

Energized, confident, and feels better than ever.

A version of you who looks and feels like you haven’t in years.

Everyone already knows how hard you work, and they appreciate you for it.

And if you’re anything like most of our happy Morning Man customers, you might feel slightly selfish in doing this for yourself.

That’s why it’s important for you to know… Everyone around YOU becomes happier when YOU are happier and healthier.

They want to see you win… And they’re ROOTING FOR YOU!

Do this for yourself… become the best man, dad, husband, lover, friend, coworker, and all around champion
you can be with
Morning Man!

You’ve spent so long being there for everyone else, now it’s your turn.

If you’ve been struggling with your health recently, and maybe felt like nothing you’ve done has worked...

Remember, this simple morning ritual will not only give you the energy to power through your day, but it will also help you look and feel the way you’ve always wanted…

It’s a safe, natural, completely RISK-FREE way to stabilize energy levels, increase your power, and keep the dad bod off…

Now, we’ve covered a lot over the last few pages.

And it’s time to make a decision.

Whether you realize it or not you’re at a crossroads with your health.

This is your chance to opt out of that. Your chance to rewind the clock and get that “zip” back… to FEEL more like the man you used to be.

Think about what life will be in a few months, or even a few years from now.

Imagine the next time you lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling… or the next time you can barely string a sentence together
until you’ve had your morning coffee...

Will you think back to this moment with even the slightest bit of regret?

For NOT taking this limited-time opportunity to claim your very own supply of Morning Man at a HUGE SAVINGS?

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Your decision today is covered by a full 100% money-back guarantee. So you truly have nothing to lose… Only a more manly version of you to gain.

I trust you’ll make the right choice for you.

And I look forward to hearing about all your success using Morning Man...

To your continued health,

Frank Shamrock
The Morning Man

YES! I Want To Start Taking Charge Of My Energy And Day…


*(Decisive AF Man Pricing Available For A Limited Time Only)*

Half Mast

2 Manly Bags

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List Price: $199.90



Now: $149.90

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Training Wheels

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365 Day Man-To-Man Guarantee

Man Questions

What are the ingredients in Morning Man?

How many servings per pouch?

Each pouch contains 30 delicious servings of Morning Man.

How many pouches should I order?

We formulated Morning Man with your longevity and health in mind. Which is why we put together special package deals for you. This way you can save money on your Morning Man while saving your health. These packages allow you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices today, without having to worry about the price increase or us selling out. That said, we recommend stocking up on the 3-month supply because out-of-stocks are a very real risk.

What’s the difference between Morning Man and other generic “solutions” on the market today?

Morning Man was formulated to fill a gap that other supplements, energy drinks, and stimulants COULD NOT live up to. Morning Man daily nutrient blend includes EXACTLY what you need in a super nutrient cocktail without any fillers, fluff, or garbage.

Is there any dairy, gluten, or soy?

No. Morning Man does NOT contain any major allergens. It’s vegan friendly, natural, gluten free, non GMO, and no soy.

Will Morning Man upset my stomach?

Morning Man was designed to improve your digestion and gut health. Most people can enjoy it with no issue. But the detoxifying effect may affect some people more than others. Some people experience frequent bowel movements for the first few days while it works on detoxifying “backed-up” waste. If this happens, we recommend you take one scoop a day for the first week or so until your body adjusts.

If I have a medical condition, can I take Morning Man?

Even though all our ingredients are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Soy & Gluten-Free you still want to consult with your doctor prior to taking Morning Man if you have a medical condition.

What if I don’t like the taste or don’t feel like it’s working, can I get a refund?

Yes, we have a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

The Morning Man Manly Mission

Morning Man is a company focused on identifying and optimizing human deficiencies so we can live the way we want to.

Our mission is to support you and your family by creating highly effective dietary supplements that are absorbed better by the body than any other products on the market today.

So you can live a healthier, happier, more manly life.

This is a new approach to reclaiming your day.

We are in the business of creating products that optimize and maximize the power of the human body.

We have accomplished this while keeping our products free of all the flavors and fillers, the artificial colors and stabilizers common in others brands’ products.

Fillers clog up your system and make you feel tired or sluggish, instead of happy, clear-headed and energized…

We’re on a mission to help each guy across the U.S. embrace their Morning Man…


Here’s how we’re blowing up on
social too!

Well you fuckers might be on to something. I have been using it for just about a week. I am a physical therapist in a busy orthopedic/ sports medicine outpatient clinic and I am a father of two. 45 years old, head coach of a travel baseball team, and was a former college baseball player.

I have thyroid and hormone issues, so fatigue has been an issue for a number of years now. I have tried numerous things, and have relied on a myriad of players in the energy drink world, searching for something to keep me focused and to get through the day. And I know they are not good, I do so much reading on research, and know the cortisol release from high doses of caffeine and adrenal fatigue problems, etc.

So I decided to give your shit a try. And it is good. Taste is excellent for a greens powder. Good focus throughout my day so far. Good amount of caffeine. So let’s see how it continues to go. I’ll keep you updated. Enjoy your weekend.,per%20year)%20throughout%20his%20life.