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Don't Take it From Us Results Speak For Themselves

2 months ago

Mark Miller wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Hulk Green

Been taking morning man greens for almost 2 weeks and it is awesome

2 months ago

MJD wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Tastes grat and I feel great

I love the ingredient list of this product and it tastes great as well. Gives me a slight boost in the morning and it's now part of my morning ritual.

2 months ago

Tyler Grouten wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man


Product tastes good and gives you that sustained boost for hours with no major crash. Definitely going to order more.

2 months ago

Carlo Galassi wrote a review about Manly Moonshine Maker

Amazing product and great customer service!

I purchased a month supply along with the mason jar. Both showed up in a timely manner. The mason jar was cracked and after a short email later they sent out a replacement no questions asked. i started using morning man at elk camp covering more than 10 miles a day on foot up and down mountains with 40 lbs of gear on my back and man does this stuff give you the boost you need to conquer the day!

2 months ago

Kevin Riekofsky wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Kick Start

This is more of a chug drink (just do it and get it over with kind). Nonetheless, every morn I put down a serving and head to work. The kick of caff could be a little more! Maybe it’s because I’m used to an energy drink or coffee besides this. I do feel better throughout the First part of the day than when I drink this green-ness! Need to start adding it to my mid day to see if it help finish the work day. Good kick start though!

3 months ago

Cole Moorman wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Great product

Morning Man provides a nutritious blend of vitamins, minerals, and all the good things a man needs to elevate to the level of James Bond, Indiana Jones, Steve McQueen, and Chuck Norris!

3 months ago

Jonathon Freres wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man Monthly

I run trains...

You pervert, not that sort of train… As an employee for an unspecified yellow themed railroad. Any pick me up goes a long way. That and the fact I’m usually not getting my daily veggie intake more or less causes by lack of enthusiasm dealing with the food that my food eats. Then I find you guys. My phone goes off with the sweet sounds of money to be made and I mix up a couple scoops of your powdered awesome and kick the day square in the bean bag! Keep up the fine work gents!

3 months ago

Chad NesSmith wrote a review about Manly Moonshine Maker Mug

The glass jar is cool

I use it every day. Kinda steep in price for a mason jar, but it does have the logo printed and the Morning Man Greens are the bomb, so I ain’t complaining.

3 months ago

Steve D wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

First order

Took a chance on this product and I am shocked at how good it is .. I don’t have not consumed the copious amount of coffee I normally do daily, and cannot say enough good things about the product

3 months ago

Bill Dean wrote a review about 1 Bag Morning Man

Green stuff works awesome

Great energy every time I’ve had it. Can wrestle gators and bears at the same time!

3 months ago

Michael Lenzi wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Powerful Greens

Taste was great! Customer service top notch. I definitely see myself as a subscriber when I run out.

3 months ago

Luke Barry wrote a review about 3 Bags of Morning Man

My go go juice

There is literally no need to drink coffee. I’m feeling the morning man manifesto.

3 months ago

Joseph Audet wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

I love this stuff

I love the taste and am really starting to feel the benefits from this product.

3 months ago

Jacob Lucas wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Best damn greens

This is the best stuff on the market tastes great and is a wonderful healthy addition to any morning. I've successfully "canned" energy drinks or as I called them "tubes of false hope". But don't just take my word for it. Buy this shit!!!!

3 months ago

Joseph Nivens wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Great stuff

Great tasting. Great energy boost without any crash. Actually haven't had coffee in a week! It's my new morning ritual.... and sometimes mid afternoon too!

3 months ago

Otto Tobe wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Great product. Great customer service

I have sustained energy all day long. Eating a little less, needing less sleep, less joint pain when I wake up, and the stomach issues I was having for a long time have gone away. Only down side is it took me a few days to get used to the taste. Not a big fan of the flavor but after a few days I don’t mind it at all.

3 months ago

Brian Leija wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Legal paradise in a bag!

Aww where do I start.. Morning Man is the yayo if I was Scarface .. My little moonshine jar that peels my eyelids open beyond expansion! It has elevated my game that I no longer use the doors on my truck but simply climb out the window like the dukes of hazard boys. I now come onto the jobsite like a rabid fighting rooster sending anybody in my path running home too there mothers in complete aww and fear of my hulk like masculinity! Thk you morning man for your perfectly blended concoction of pure adrenaline causing product. To you I tip my hard hat and say well done gentlemen… well done

3 months ago

David Eddins wrote a review about Day Drinker Sticker

Love this stuff

I used to always drink energy drinks or coffee. The greens are much better, plus healthier. Couldn't be happier

3 months ago

Adrian Brennan wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

Awesomeness beyond beleif

I was skeptical to say the lease. 3 days later I am a believer to the max. I drink it in the morning right a away and I dam near want to rip my door off the hinges on the way out. I get a shiver when I get the burst of energy. F----n phenomenal

4 months ago

Andrew Esparza wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man

Good Stuff!

Awesome results!! Love this stuff!! Great taste, nice caffeine kick and I feel great all day long with NO crash! Goodbye to nasty energy drinks! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

4 months ago

CarpenterTJ wrote a review about 2 Bags of Morning Man

I'm a scoop and a half...2 times a Morning Man...

I had a coffee addiction. 8 cups before 10 a.m. for the past 20 years.. The f-ing headaches in the weekends for not drinking that much became unbearable. It's been 2 weeks with Morning Man. And I could never be happier. I feel more focused, driven than I have been in 10 years. I'm telling all my friends. Been busting the Coworkers balls about the garbage energy drinks they are drinking. Energy drinks are GARBAGE and HORRIBLE for you. Reread that as many times as you need to stop drinking that crap. Read all the ingredients in this Morning Man powered. This is what you should be putting in your body. Most advertising on Facebook is a scam... Not these guys.. Fast shipping and a no b*ll sh*t guarantee.. I gave it a try. You can give it a try... The worst that can happen is you go back to coffee or that other cold can of garbage with a Crash... Thanks Morning Man

4 months ago

Newsletter Subscriber wrote a review about Day Drinker Sticker

Love it

Went right on the welding helmet. Could have made the padding around letters little thicker so it wasn’t as hard to stick on. But Best Buy ever! Everyone gets a kick out of it.

4 months ago

Christopher T Scott wrote a review about 1 Bag of Morning Man Monthly

Love this stuff

Can not get enough of these greens a permanent part of my morning routine for sure!

Yup, you guessed it Social
Morning Manin' Up Every Morning and annoying the hell outta the wife and kids with Energy and Vigor!

- Edwin S
Well you fuckers might be on to something. I have been using it for just about a week. I am a physical therapist in a busy orthopedic/ sports medicine outpatient clinic and I am a father of two. 45 years old, head coach of a travel baseball team, and was a former college baseball player.

I have thyroid and hormone issues, so fatigue has been an issue for a number of years now. I have tried numerous things, and have relied on a myriad of players in the energy drink world, searching for something to keep me focused and to get through the day. And I know they are not good, I do so much reading on research, and know the cortisol release from high doses of caffeine and adrenal fatigue problems, etc.

So I decided to give your shit a try. And it is good. Taste is excellent for a greens powder. Good focus throughout my day so far. Good amount of caffeine. So let’s see how it continues to go. I’ll keep you updated. Enjoy your weekend.

- Eric L.
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From one man to another, we want to make sure you love your Morning Man Greens. So we're going to offer you a 365-Day MAN OF OUR WORD Guarantee.

Where in a world where a man's word is bond, we will give you your money back if you want it back. That's our guarantee for 365 days.

If you try it out, hate the taste, don't feel anything, don't like the bag, hate the marketing, or just realize that money is tight and you made a mistake, email us at manly@morningman.org and we got you.

If we don't honor this, then we're breaking our word (which ain't happening).

So rest assured that whatever reason you want a refund, we'll take good care of you. Just do us a favor, don't be a douche troll and buy a large quantity knowing that you're going to refund and take advantage of this guarantee. Karma is real and no one likes you.