The Chief

Jonathan "Bossman" Hunsaker

CEO & head honcho, Jonathan Hunsaker is the perfect blend of Steve Jobs, Hasselhoff, and Evel Knievel's half sister.
If this Titanic takes a hard right towards icebergville, you know exactly who to blame. 

The Creative

Brett MF Fairall

"Locked" in his mom's basement and fueled by beef sticks and greens, Brett is the Morning Man content and marketing mule (yes, very soft hands).
If he doesn't make quota, Frank takes away his beef sticks.

The Muscle

Frank "The Legend" Shamrock

Chiseled from granite & born for greatness, this MMA legend is here to shape sissies into brutes one bag at a time. 
Also, Frank processes all refunds & returns. So have fun cancelling, broham.

Queen Bee

Tracy "24/7" Magee-Graham

Remember this face. Team leader & queen bee, 24/7 Tracy Magee-Graham keeps the Morning Man engine room blazing HOTT.
No matter if Jonathan sinks this bitch, she'll be shoveling coal till the bitter end.

Mr. Data

Ruthless John Petersen

A child prodigy of TI-89 calculators and Microsoft Excel, Ruthless JP is the spreadsheet Bruce Lee of our generation.
He prefers his menthols by the carton and human interaction at a minimum.

The Phisherman

Chase PONY PLAY Weir

Cover your webcam & child-lock this site as Chase Pony Play Weir is lurking in the background watching your every move.
This fisherman turned web troll is on the hunt for a worthy pony play larping adversary. You in? 


Corina "Money Bags" Thorne

The Morning Man money manager and gatekeeper of all finances, Corina "Money Bags" Thorne takes vacations on the Morning Man credit card at will.
We do what she says since she won't sign our checks otherwise. 

The Predator

Brittani "Swipe Left" Mitchell

Ruling our social channels with an iron fist, Brittani is here to break hearts & crush dreams of lesser men across the globe.
No matter what name she gives you, be ready. She's out for tears of "can't hack it" pansies

The Sleeper

Unassuming Tarah Black

Don't let the Pleasantville soccer mom look fool ya, Unassuming Tarah Black is here to crack the email deadline whip with a fury.
She wields public humiliation like Brett eats beef sticks. We all fear her.

The Mission

Remember the day when couples went to theaters dressed to the nines in 3-piece suits and gowns? Or even when the door-to-door salesman was welcomed in your home with coffee and brandy? Probably not, right?

Well, times have changed, and not all for the better.

Men, we're on a mission to reclaim your greatness so you can conquer your day with confidence, control, and honor. We are pulling out all the stops to meticulously forge the greatest, most natural products on the planet to help everyday men (just like you) feel more manly and more like themselves than ever before. 

Don't let our humor fool you, we're here to breed greatness for today's man while anchoring to the principles of yesterday to bring it all home. 
Get ready brother, cause it's about to get real.